Retractable sprinklers

Retractable sprinklers

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What are

Retractable sprinklers are sprinklers located below ground level or belonging to the underground irrigation system.


The retractable sprinklers they are so called because they are part of the construction of an underground irrigation system, that is, a system where the irrigation tube is not visible. On the market it is possible to find different models of concealed sprinklers: there are static and dynamic ones and each type is conceived and designed to meet different needs depending on the type of garden. Today the importance of conserving water is fundamental because the scarcity of this resource is increasingly addressed. For this reason, even in the gardening sector increasingly innovative solutions are sought that can guarantee watering of the garden but which, thanks to new technologies, allow for substantial water savings. The retractable sprinklers they must be positioned appropriately so that the water can reach the plant directly and not be wasted. It is important to verify that an adequate number of retractable sprinklers are installed, because inserting a few will require more water use, thus increasing irrigation times. The rate of precipitation varies according to the model of retractable sprinkler, the pressure and its flow rate. The first choice to make when creating an underground irrigation system is between static or dynamic sprinklers. The static sprinkler is recommended for small gardens while the dynamic one is useful in large spaces. The coverage of the space must be uniform so the irrigation period must be such as to cover the entire space. Any green space needs proper irrigation, while avoiding the unnecessary dispersion of water. For this reason, the system pressure must always be checked. The pressure must not be excessive, but properly regulated. The drainage problem can be present on soils with a certain height difference due to excessive irrigation, so you must avoid that the water stagnates. Another problem to be aware of when installing retractable sprinklers is the problem of vandalism. For this reason there are anti-vandal models: the friction mechanism prevents damage from tampering, the turret features reinforced mouthpieces resistant to kicks.

How to choose it

A retractable sprinkler must be chosen among the different models on the market keeping in mind the type of garden that must be watered. Anyone who personally builds an underground irrigation system will have to go to the store to purchase all the material necessary for its construction. In this case it is essential to know the different types of sprinklers because only in this way can you choose the most suitable one. Should any doubts arise, they can be clarified by asking the retailer directly.

Where to buy

The retractable sprinklers can be purchased at stores that deal with gardening, or do-it-yourself products. Even on the Internet on gardening sites it is possible to buy sprinklers directly online. The choice on the internet is accompanied by a gallery of images that certainly help the customer to choose the most suitable model, as well as a description. It is necessary to buy retractable sprinklers that are able to guarantee a good duration over time and that are also resistant to vandalism, especially if it is a question of non-fenced gardens bordering the road. In this case there are certainly more risks than a fenced garden and for this reason it is advisable to orient yourself directly on the sprinklers designed against vandalism. In any case, the customer must personally know the characteristics of each sprinkler and choose only the one actually indicated for his garden.

Irrigation system: Some examples of retractable sprinklers

Within an underground irrigation system, retractable irrigators are used as final distributors of water to the plants. These are positioned together with the pipes below the garden area, but rise to the surface when irrigation begins. There are essentially two types on the market: static and dynamic ones. The former are well suited to the irrigation of small green spaces, while the latter are ideal for large (public or domestic) gardens. The retractable sprinklers must be positioned appropriately so that the water can reach the plant directly and not be wasted. The precipitation rate varies depending on the model of the pop-up sprinkler, the pressure and its flow rate.

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